Classic Future Retro Party
Weekly Selections

Every Saturday I go through YouTube Synthwave channels and 
pick my favourites for a playlist for the week.

Faves of the week 46  ( 2019 )

Let's Talk - Leave Me Again 

Surodansu - Twin Victim 

Lunr1982 & Shyguys - November is Mine (Insert Coin remix) 

POWERNERD - Dancing (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix and Jan Friedrich Conrad) 

STARFORCE - On Thin Ice 

Phaserland - Flip the Switch (Official Video) 

Douze - Pallas 

Zone85 - NightFlyers 

Kuato Lives! - By The Light 

Akura - Night Ride 

EVOLVA - Elevazione 

GeoVoc - Learning To Fall 

Abel Jiro - Happiness 

3FORCE - Once, There Was an Explosion (Death Stranding Theme) Synthwave Remix

WOLFCLUB - Rivals 

NINA - Automatic Call (Official Video) 

ZAYAZ - Chicane 

Tonebox - Cloud Ghost 

Moonrunner83 - Troubled Eyes 

Dream Shore - Ocean Overdrive 

Scandroid - Everywhere You Go 

PRIZM - All Night xxxxx  

Gidon Schocken - Show Me The Way 

Spirits Of The Night - Haunting Desires (Featuring Street Cleaner) 

Earmake - Avalanche 

Alpha Rhythm - Break the Frame 

VIDEO KIDS - "Video Kids" 

Hotel Pools - Crashing 

Eagle Eyed Tiger - Top Down 

oDDling - Solstice 

DUCAT - Forever (ft. Pan!c Pop) 

M A R Iマリくん - Tell Me  

Flammy - Roomies (feat. Rugemie) 

Agrume - Love Despite The Distance 

CAPE CORAL - Better Ways 

MAITRO - Walks of Life 

Hopeful Romantics - Time And Day 

DUCAT - Feels So Good xxxxxx 

Sung - Hollow 

Krosia - Last Horizon 

Zaroz - VOGUE 

GRoost - Revenge 

Tzafu - Lurk 

RthR ▶ Heroes 

OVRGRWN ▶ This House. VVVV 

Johnny Ola ▶ Interstellar Journey to an Unknown Planet 

DREAM SHORE ▶ Upon A Story 

FUTUR Sample ▶ Run Away 

Mezhdunami ▶ Reminiscence  

Futurecop! feat. Siamese Youth - Let Go (Acoustic Version) 

kodyak - Explaining a Feeling end song 

Kotovsky86 - Until Next Wave 

Waveshaper - Danger Code 

The Astral Stereo Project - Do you remember Lori 

Réno - Moleskine (Street Cleaner Remix) 

TUPPERWAVE - Imagine (ft. Mélonade) 


FOTOshoppeツ - 恋 たちの楽園 

Whispering Mirrors - The Champion Arrives 

Francis Roberts - Tombtonic Night 

Protector 101 - Artificial Consent (Street Cleaner Remix) 

Sanguine Moon - Tome Of Apparitions Past 

ΣTHΣR िव ान - =ӨGӨƧ 

2DCAT - Voices 

Dreddd - Dark City 

Wolftron - Inside The Claw Machine 

Biodrive - Sixth Gear 


Glo Vandy - Wave Racer